How to Sell Gold, Silver & Diamond Online

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Old Gold Rate Rs-74000/Per 10gm Silver Rs-85000/Per 1kg
Free pickup of your precious jewelry from your location within 30 minutes and the payment will be awarded you instantly.

Welcome To Shoper Now Best Silver Buying Company

You are most welcome to the company where you can sell silver at a high cost and also become eligible to have great deals in which you can make more profits when you have to sell jewelry. Here you can trade all the kinds of valuable you have like gold, diamond, platinum and other costlier stones that are in any condition or form. We are known to be the genuine buyers of silver and other precious metals. You will observe that we are providing the cost on the basis of current rate of gold current rate of silver and if you have any other metal then also the cost will be provided on the same scale.

Our Process Of Assessment Of Metal Is So Simple And Fast

The entire procedure is simple and fast so that you will be awarded with the funds as soon as possible and at the same time we try our best that the entire procedure can be done in a fast mood with an easy return policy that is also supporting you, this policy is if you wish to stop the deal or didn’t want to deal with us anytime then you can take the articles back with you and you will not be asked to give any cost for the procedures done or completed even you can stop the small business if you don’t like the quote given to you by our experts. You are going to be excited by knowing about the services that will be provided to make your small business simpler and fast are almost free of cost that is the metal will be collected from your location if you try to sell gold online or sell silver online, this service will also be available if you are in mood to deal from your home. The assessment of your precious article will be free of cost, so come to the outlet of the best second hand jewelry buyers to avail the free services.

Here You Can Sell Your Jewelry At The Best Possible Price

We understand that people never try to trade the ornaments till they are in need of a big amounts of funds and they are not able to arrange it in any other way. Then reach us and join the new era of small business with where you are getting an enormous amount of money in exchange of your valuables. Just make a search where I can exchange my gold for cash near me? The answers will bring you to the new world of small business. Then you will see the assessments with the help of latest equipments that are applicable to complete the evaluation process without harming your precious ornaments. Now initiate with us so that your selling of articles can be easier with few documentation and a very fast procedure and get the returns in just minutes of activities. Now receiving the returns in different ways of payments.

Our Services

Gold Buyer

Money For Gold

The province of giving ultimate services is the first priority with the customers exchanging the gold for money. Enhancing the quality of every deal and making it profitable for the people coming to us to sell jewelry at a high cost.

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Silver Buyer

Money For Silver

The company initiated programs with facilities of free pickup, free assessment of the ornaments, etc. With the modern techniques of evaluation, the returns that are cash against silver will be in your hands in just some minutes of time.

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Diamond Buyer

Money For Diamond

The pearls in your hand are now going to add funds in your account as you have selected us to sell your diamond so you will earn high amounts; the free services are making your deal more attractive and profitable.

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Trading Of The Ornaments In Just A Few Steps


Visiting our resale store with the jewelry, identity and address proof and two passport size photos, submit it for verification


the assessment of the ornaments with the help of XRF technology equipped karat meter to find the pureness of the metal and mass of the pure piece.


Quotes will be offered to observe the current rate of gold and the returns awarded to you immediately.

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